Here you can find up-to-date info regarding releases to Gather. We are constantly releasing new features, improvements and bug fixes to ensure your Gather experience is the best it can be.

March 31st, 2020

New Features

  • Purchase Order Export

  • Design Cost line item added to item pricing

User Experience Improvements 

  • When generating a multi-page pdf, if I don't include "Bottom Line" pricing and/or a signature line the last page of the export is blank. Fixed.

  • Page load speed improvements for Projects list page

Bug Fixes

  • Issue where certain PDFs were not being exported successfully as attachments to multi-page spec packages

  • When users export a PDF, it shows someone else exported it in the files section.

  • Issue where projects with very long names were breaking the view of some UI

  • Qty of items shown on the "Projects" page does not match actual count in project.

  • When logged into Gather on a Phone or Tablet users could no longer open an item.

  • When exporting items if users don't select items, the export checklist that I'm shown does not have all the items fields.

  • In settings, if a new "Type" is added with all lowercase letters it will end up at the bottom of the list.

March 13th, 2020

User Experience Improvements 

  • Changes to project grid filter component & search bar

  • Changes to project display actions UI

  • Changes to project total price UI

  • When no visible items are selected, actions and exports should include all visible items

Bug Fixes

  • Grid items are covered by areas rooms if initial specs view was spreadsheet

  • A user reported that when she exports items alphabetically by tag to a multi-page spec. packages the tags do not export in order. Fixed.

  • When logging in as a client and in client test mode. "Discount" and "markup" fields are showing the % number as the $ amount.

March 5th, 2020

New Features

  • Allow associates/owners to choose what title the "Line Item Specifications" document is called.

User Experience Improvements 

  • Add scroller to new area/type/vendor creation from specification

Bug Fixes

  • "All Projects Access" is not working as expected on user creation

  • Wrong company logo position in grid export

  • When file is archived, it is still shared

  • Clients should not be able to export vision boards

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