Here you can find up-to-date info regarding releases to Gather. We are constantly releasing new features, improvements and bug fixes to ensure your Gather experience is the best it can be.

April 30th, 2020

New Features 

  • Now you can select multiple items from the grid view and archive them all at once.

  • We've introduced Project Numbers. Now, you can give your project a reference number/code and sort by those numbers in the Projects List.

User Experience Improvements 

  • Your company logo size is now smaller and more consistent across exported docs.

Bug Fixes

  • When exporting components on a Line Item Spec, if users checked only "Component Images" the components wouldn't appear on the export. Fixed.

  • Items in archived projects were not accessible. Now they are.

  • When duplicating an item with multiple components, the duplicated item components were not in the same order as the original. Fixed.

  • Some users reported that certain items that were not given a type, did not resort to "Other" therefore, some fields were missing. Fixed.

April 23rd, 2020

New Features 

  • The Upholsteries tab has been changed to "Components". The functionality is basically the same, but you can now add other associated items and materials such as "Base", "Cushion", "Finish", "Hardware", "Top", "Trim" and "Upholstery".

  • Now you can add a coversheet to any of the exports (except for POs)

  • Now you can change the name of the coversheet from "Specifications" to whatever you like.

  • When you search or filter items from the grid view, you will now see the Project Total tally update to equal only the items in view

User Experience Improvements 

  • Now when you change the status of multiple items at once using the Actions menu, you will see a warning message that forces you to confirm the decision. This way, you won't accidentally change the status of many items which is not reversible.

Bug Fixes

  • There was an issue when using the forward/back arrows when an item is open where some of the pricing fields were not visually updating from item to item.

April 13th, 2020

User Experience Improvements 

  • Spreadsheet view now extends to the bottom of the page

  • Better handling of Pricing/Markup/Discount UI in Project Settings

  • Files section now defaults to newest first

  • Projects sort order on project list page is now saved, so you don't have to change the sort order every time

  • Loader graphic is shown while archiving files

  • Areas UI is now better optimized for performance. Reordering them and other other actions will be snappier and more responsive.

  • Dates in Status tab can now be removed

Bug Fixes

  • Item Status tab was visible to clients even when turned off in settings. Fixed.

  • When trying to make attachments visible to clients sometimes the eye icon will not allow users to uncheck it. Fixed.

  • Small fix to credit card field validation messages in "Update Payment" interface

  • Bug where creating a new user was not seeing new projects sometimes, even if "All Project Access" was turned on

  • When users type really long project names, some interfaces in the app were stretched out.

  • When users added clients to just 1 project and then archived the project, the client could still see the project. Now they cannot.

  • Issue where some options in the exports menu were not visible when their screen size was very small.

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