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Can items be added directly to the Library?
Can items be added directly to the Library?
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Gather is a project-based system. This means you can add items directly to a project without having to add them to your "Library" first. This is true for the clipper or if you're adding items manually. The good news is they are automatically added to your global "Library", so no extra work for you there!

While items cannot be added directly to the Library using the clipper, you can clip them for later use by creating a generic project to save them to.

Step 1: Log into your account, and create a new project by clicking on the green plus sign.

Step 2: Create the New Project's name (an example could be "Library" or "favorites"). Then click the green "Create Project" button to save.

You're all set! Now that you've created this New Project, it will appear in the Clipper Tool as a Project in the dropdown menu.

*Note: Please keep in mind, that very large projects will take more time to load. if you plan to add more than 500 items to a project, you may want to consider creating multiple projects by breaking them up by item type or vendor, e.g., "Library - Lighting" or "Library - Knoll".

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