Here you can find up-to-date info regarding releases to Gather. We are constantly releasing new features, improvements and bug fixes to ensure your Gather experience is the best it can be.

May 28th, 2020


  • Added "Tracking #" to the status tab of an item.

User Experience Improvements

  • Added a 'URL' column to the Vendor list so you can more easily link off to your vendors.

  • You can now add line-return spaces to comments and they will be displayed with the returns.

  • Fixes to the visual display of tooltips.

  • Small visual improvements.

May 21st, 2020

User Experience Improvements

  • Typing comments in the item view will now expand, so you can see them better.

  • Several small improvements to the clipper tool...

  • Clipper tool: Your previously saved project and area is now "remembered" from the previous clip

  • Clipper tool: 'Basic' and 'Details' tabs have now been consolidated into one list

  • Clipper tool: All fields are now sorted alphabetically

  • Clipper tool: After successfully saving a clip, the clipper will go back to the fields view

  • Clipper tool: now resizes to the height of the screen to show more information

  • We added more options to the 'Components' tab 'Type' dropdown selector

  • Increased the readability of small text throughout the app

Bug Fixes

  • Clipper tool: expanding and collapsing clipper no longer hides the 'Save' button

  • Project name and number were sizing strangely when you resized the browser. Fixed.

May 13th, 2020

New Features

  • Now, you can move multiple items at one time from the product board to a new area or project

User Experience Improvements

  • Now, you can choose if you want 'disliked' items to be visible to clients or not

  • Now, if you select the "Hide items not included in total" icon, items not included in the total will be more visible when you roll over them

  • Small fixes to strange scrolling behavior with some tooltips UI

Bug Fixes

  • Issue with user who mentioned that they didn't have access to the Associates chat channel. Fixed.

  • Deposit amount not visible on the multi-page spec export when added. Fixed.

  • A user reported that when viewing item comments and then using the next/previous arrows to go a another item, the comments would not load correctly for the new item. Fixed.

  • Issue date was incorrect on PO exports. Fixed.

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