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July 20th, 2020


  • Huge update to Contacts Book (previously called "Vendors")! Including...

  • You can now add "Organizations" of various "Types" to the Contacts

  • Organizations can have multiple addresses, websites, emails, phone numbers, and notes associated with them.

  • Organizations can have multiple People associated with them.

  • Suppliers/Manufacturers can be assigned as either "Retail" or "Trade" and also have Discount and Markup % values associated with them. Any time an item is assigned a "Supplier" with one of these values, it will be auto-assigned on the pricing calculator.

  • People can be added and given a Title, Phone Number, Email, Address and Notes.

  • You can now select either "Retail" or "Trade" on the Pricing Calculator of an item. Retail objects have 'MSRP' and "Designer Discount" options and Trade items just have "Designer Price".

User Experience Improvements

  • Better search in the Contacts Book.

  • Easy linking of urls directly from the Contact page


  • Issues with the Clipper Tool saving Vendor info. Fixed.

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