How To Bulk Edit Items

Learn how to bulk edit items quickly.

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As you are working on projects, you may be wondering how to bulk edit multiple items at once. You can do this quickly and easily. Here's how:

Step 1: Select the items you'd like to edit (this can be done in Grid View or Spreadsheet View). ***Please note that if you'd like to edit your entire project in either view, you don't need to select any items. In Spreadsheet View, you are able to filter by additional options such as Supplier, Manufacturer, etc.



Step 2: Move your mouse to the "Actions" tab and select "Edit" from the dropdown menu.



Step 3: Edit the fields you wish to make changes to. ***Please note: This window has a lot of options so be sure to scroll down to locate all the fields you wish to edit.

Step 4: Click the red "Save" button once all changes have been made.

That's it! You've successfully bulk edited items in your project.

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