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Clearing Your Browser Cache
Clearing Your Browser Cache

How and why you should clear your cache...

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If you find that Gather is not loading properly or the site seems to be loading slowly it may be time to clear your cache.

Your cache should be cleared regularly for several reasons. Depending on your settings, your cache can grow very large and take up a lot of disk space on your computer. The more data saved in your cache the slower your computer will be. Deleting your cache can help increase the loading time of web pages and the overall performance of your computer.

In many website-related issues, the cache is the root of all evil. That's why our Support Team asks you to clear your cache before investigating an issue further.

If you're not sure how to clear your browser cache, check out this article. How to Clear Cache in Every Major Browser.

After you've cleared your cache, go back to Gather and refresh the page.

Need additional support with an issue? Please reach out to us via the InApp chat in the lower right-hand corner of your account, or you can email us at

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