When creating invoices in Quickbooks Online, it is crucial to ensure that all sales tax, terms, and products/services have been set up correctly.

And while doing the job, you’ll see that you’re getting the tax error messages in either of the following:

  • Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a GST/HST rate before you save.

  • Business Validation Error: Make sure all your transactions have a sales tax rate before you save.

You’ve done all the options, but nothing happened. Right?

That’s because our QB version is not compatible with international versions. We currently only support the US version of QuickBooks Online.

If you’re using Quickbooks Canada — CA, and the U.S. have different ways of handling taxes, and the two versions of QuickBooks reflect this crucial difference in bookkeeping. For example, the U.S. has a sales tax, whereas Canada has a sales tax plus a goods and services tax (GST) that must be considered. Therefore, the way they appear within the software differs.

BUT, don’t worry if you’re using a non-US version! There’s an easy way to get around it 😏

You can save your precious time by following the best solution below:

Step 1. In Gather, use the Line Item Specifications export to produce an invoice with images, specifications info, and pricing. (See this article on how to export)

Step 2. In Quickbooks, create an invoice and manually add a lump sum for the project.

Step 3. Attach the line item export to go along with the QB invoice.

Step 4. When you’re done, there are several options for saving or sharing the invoice. Here’s Quickbook’s guide on how to do this.

There you got it! 🎉 Easy, right?

Please get in touch with us via the InApp chat in the lower right-hand corner of your account, or you can email us at support@gatherit.co if it doesn't help or if you have any other issues.

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