How to create project areas

Learn how to create, rearrange, hide or delete areas.

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Creating areas in Gather is super easy!

1. On the right side of your project, type in the desired area name in the green box.

2. Click on the "New" button or hit enter on your keyboard.

Done! Once created, you can now add products to the area.

Rearranging Areas

If you want to rearrange the areas, check out this article.

Hiding Areas

To hide the area, click on the eye icon next to it. You will know if it's hidden when it's greyed out. To unhid, simply hover your cursor over the area and click on the πŸ‘ eye icon with a slash again.

Deleting Areas

To delete an area, just click the trash icon next to the eye icon.

Note: Deleting an area will move all of its items into the 'Other' category.

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