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Learn about the different exports you can export from Gather.

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You can export several valuable documents and reports from Gather, which can be located under the "Exports" dropdown within a project.

different exports you can export from Gather.

Here is a list of the Exports we offer and some common use cases.

1. Spreadsheet (CSV): A CSV file of your project selections, which can be opened in any spreadsheet application such as Excel, Google Sheets, Numbers, etc. This document is great for a GC, bookkeeper, and anyone who loves their spreadsheets.

2. Google Sheets and Excel (CSV & XLSX): A Google Sheet or Excel file of your project selections with images. Perfect for generating summarized project status reports to update stakeholders, creating detailed schedules for materials, FF&E, installation, etc., exporting key project financials and budget overviews, and many more.

3. Progress Schedule(CSV): A CSV file of your item status dates, open in any spreadsheet application. Perfect for sending to clients, your receiving warehouse, or anyone else who needs to know the status of a project.

4. Line Item Specifications (pdf): A list of project selections that can be used for many purposes. Customize the information generated on the export based on the use case. Perfect for generating client proposals, invoices, RFQs, install & delivery lists, specifications packages, etc.

5. Spec. Package (pdf): A multi-page package of individual spec. sheets for each project selection included. The information included in this export can also be customized based on who the document is for. Quickly generate a spec. package for a GC, a purchaser, a client, etc.

6. Purchase Order (pdf): Generate a company-branded purchase order to send to a supplier and keep to for your records.

7. Image Grid (pdf): A grid of project sections containing only the item image, name, and Tag. A quick visual of the entire project or grouped item types such as lighting, flooring, paint, and accessories. Perfect for an install company, GC, or anyone needing a visual list of project selections.

8. FF&E Reports (pdf): Only available on our Firm Plan.

  • Item Quantities by Area

  • Item Quantities by Type

  • Total Costs by Area

  • Total Costs by Type

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