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Searching and Filtering Items in a Project
Searching and Filtering Items in a Project

Use search and filter to easily find the items you are looking for in a project.

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It's easy and fast to search for specific items in your project. You can search for items by:

  • Name

  • Manufacturer

  • Area

  • Type

  • Status

You can also filter and sort the results by:

  • Status

  • Type

  • Alphanumeric (A-Z)

  • Date Added

  • Estimated Ship Date

  • Estimated Receive Date

  • Estimated Install Date

  • Archived Items


To get started, simply start typing in the Search field at the top. The results will be shown as you type.

Filtering & Sorting

Use the filters to get an even more detailed listing of specific items. To filter items, simply:

  1. Click on the little arrow to the right of the search box.

​2) Select the filters you want.

3) Select the sort order you want to sort by.

4) Click anywhere outside of the filters to close the filter interface.

Clearing the Search or Filters

To clear the search and/or filters, simply click the "x" icon in the search field.

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