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How to add products using the Clipper Tool
How to add products using the Clipper Tool

Learn how to add products using the Clipper tool.

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Using the Gather Clipper Tool is the fastest and easiest way to add products to your projects.

Step 1: Navigate to your chosen product’s webpage, or try this example,

Step 2: Open the Clipper tool by clicking the Gather icon in your Chrome toolbar.

✂️ Haven’t installed the Clipper yet? Click here to install.

Step 3: Add Product Images. You will need to select a Primary image, and then you have the option to add up to 8 Secondary images.

Step 4: You will need to select a Project, an Area, and/or a Vision Board.

Step 5: To fill in specification details, use your cursor to highlight the text you wish to save, then select the appropriate field from the dropdown menu provided.

📌 Note: The green check next to the field name in the dropdown notes that you already have text in that field.

Step 6: Populate pricing. All pricing fields, including discount, markup, tax, and shipping, are now available within the clipper. You can fill them in manually and have them auto-populate from the supplier/manufacturer or from within the project.

Step 7: To save product attachments, such as install instructions, manufacturer tear sheets, etc., select the check box next to the attachment(s) you would like to save.

Step 8: Click the red Save to Gather button.

💡 If the Save to Gather button is not red, you most likely need to fill in one or more of the following required fields - Project, Area, Name.

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