Pricing: Client View

Learn how to customize the pricing you share with your client.

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From the main page in a project, you can completely customize what pricing you would like to share with your clients. 

To get started, you will need to click on the gear icon to the right of the project name.

You will then see the "Project Settings" menu as shown below. 

In regards to pricing, you are given 3 options: "Item Pricing", "Item Discount", and "Item Markup". 

Here is an example of an item's pricing tab from your view:

Shown below is what your clients will be able to see based on the boxes you check:

  1. Only "Item Pricing" is checked: In this case, the discount and markup will be folded into the "Base Price".  This means your client will see the total sell price.  The discount and markup will not be visible. 

 2. "Item Pricing" and "Item Discount" are checked: In this case, the markup will be folded into the "Base Price" to reflect your original base price + markup which will be shown in the "Base Price" line to your client. They will also be able to see the actual Discount.

3. "Item Pricing", "Item Discount", and "Item Markup" are checked: In this case, all pricing is visible to your client - nothing is hidden.

*Note: Sales tax and shipping costs will always be shown to your client. There is no option to hide them. 

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