Gather now offers you the ability to create invoices in QuickBooks Online (please note that this is a 1-way push and not a sync). This means that any information changed in QB will not be mirrored in Gather and vice versa.

Pushing items to an invoice in your QB Online account is SUPER easy, but there are some important things you need to know, so please read this doc all the way to the end.

  • Select the items you want to push to QB.
  •  From the exports dropdown, select "Export QuickBooks Invoice".
  • The first time you export items, you will need to connect your Gather account to your QB Online account and then authorize the sharing of your data between the two. You will not need to do this every time. 
  • Next, you will see the screen below letting you know this is a one-way push and not a sync. You will need to check "OK, I understand" to proceed. 
  • Fill in the requested info as shown below.  Please note you will need to have your tax rates, terms, and product/service types already setup in QB Online. 

TADA!!! You now have an invoice in QB, and the Invoice # has been recorded in the "Status" tab of each of the items you pushed to QB. 

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