Duplicating multiple items at a time.

Learn how you can duplicate items in bulk.

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Duplicating multiple items at a time is super easy in Gather. 

Step 1: Select all items you would like to duplicate from the products board.  

Step 2: Hover your mouse over the Action button and select "Duplicate."

Step 3: Select the Project and Area you'd like to move them to and click the green "Duplicate" button. 

*Note: Please make sure you're duplicating in small batches, no more than 30 items at a time. A small message in the lower left-hand corner pops up once the duplication starts. While the job is working, please wait until it completes before starting another job.

Blue - This color indicates the item is being duplicated.

Green - This indicates it has been successfully duplicated.

If you see that the blue message takes longer than 5 minutes, please let us know.

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