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How does Gather backup data?
How does Gather backup data?

Learn how data is handled in Gather.

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First, data stored in Gather is automatically backed up multiple times per day. We also have robust security in place using advanced AWS security features and protocols.

Soft Deletion Policy

Gather also has a "soft deletion" policy when it comes to Project deletion. Deleting a project requires "quadruple opt-in," meaning a project must be first explicitly archived (and warned first), then explicitly deleted (and warned again).

If a project is deleted, we do not strictly delete the data but instead isolate it from your account in frozen storage. That way, we can restore that project for you, given that you can provide us with the project name (otherwise, it's impossible to restore it).

However, other data in your account may NOT have "soft deletion" protection. Generally speaking, if you or someone on your team should delete data from your account, we cannot promise that we can retrieve it. We try our best to provide opt-in warnings and good UX practices to ensure that any destructive action is not ambiguous.

Gather has very strict, bank-level security implementations on our server groups and storage systems, so it's doubtful that there will be systemic data breaches. However, no company can ever promise that will never happen.

However, suppose a bad actor were to steal one of your user's login information and proceed to delete things from your account. In that case, we cannot be held responsible and cannot promise that we can recover that information for you. We recommend you institute a password management application within your organization and rotate passwords regularly to ensure this is not likely to happen.

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