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Learn how to generate a purchase order.

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Generating a purchase order from Gather is easy!

Purchase orders can be generated from the Grid View, but we recommend switching over to the Spreadsheet View, which you'll find under the "Display" icon, as shown below.

This is the Grid View 👇

This is the Spreadsheet View👇

The spreadsheet view allows you to filter by multiple columns, which is the best way to group items being ordered from the same Supplier or Manufacturer. You can also filter by Status to help narrow down the items you are ready to purchase.

Step 1: Filter by the status you've set for items that need to be purchased. In the scenario below, we are using our custom status "Invoice Paid."

Step 2: Click to the right of "Supplier" to group items alphabetically.

Step 3: Select a Supplier for your first PO.

Step 4: Click on the "Exports" dropdown and select "Purchase Order"

Step 5: Fill in relevant fields and select the information you want to include, and click on the red "Export PDF" button.


  • The PO number will be automatically saved within an item

  • To include the PO number on the export, select "Include Document Number"

  • You will need to manually add your ship to details

Step 6: Click on the hyperlink to view or download it.

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