Export: Line Item Specification

Learn how to export a list of items with thumbnail images.

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The line item specification is a document of multiple items, which can include specification info, pricing, and a thumbnail image of each item. You also have the ability to add a requested deposit amount and a signature line. 

Step 1: Select the items you want to include in the export (See Selecting Items.). 

Step 2: From the "Exports" dropdown, select "Line Item Specifications (pdf.)".

Step 3:  You have the option to include a cover sheet if you'd like. If you do not wish to include one, do not check the "Cover Page" Box.

Step 4: From the menu shown below, select what info you would like to include on the export. Then click "Export PDF."

Step 4: Click on the red link to view/download your export.

Note: Exporting without selecting any items will export everything in your project.

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