Upgrading or downgrading your subscription

Here you will learn how upgrading and downgrading your subscription works.

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If you want to upgrade your plan, your card will be charged the difference between the plan levels after any remaining money for unused time is prorated and applied.

Upgrading your subscription

There are two reasons why you may need to upgrade your current plan.

1) The need for more core team member seats.

  • Our Studio plan includes five (5) core team member seats. You will bump into our Firm plan if you want to add more seats. If you're on a monthly plan and want to upgrade to the Firm plan monthly, here's what you will see on the Team Members page when you add more seats:

    To do this, please see here: Adding Core Team Members.

  • Meanwhile, our Firm plan includes ten (10) core team member seats. If you need more than ten seats, you will bump into the Enterprise plan, a custom plan reserved for large firms with up to 15 users or more. **Please contact us to inquire about the Enterprise plan.

2) The need for additional features. Please take a look at our pricing and features here.

Downgrading your subscription

If you want to downgrade your current plan, this change will not take effect until your subscription’s pay cycle ends.

For example, if you request to downgrade on January 20th and your subscription renews on February 5th, the new plan will not take effect until February 5th, when the plan renews.

Downgrading your current plan also means you may lose some features.

Note: These terms apply to monthly and annual subscriptions.

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If you have questions, contact us via the InApp chat in the lower right-hand corner of your account, or you can email us at support@gatherit.co.

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