Team Member Roles & Permissions

Everything you need to know about team member roles and their permissions.

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Team Members within Gather are comprised of "Owner," "SuperAdmin," "Associate," "Limited Associate," and "Clients." We think of core members of your internal team, such as project managers, assistant designers, project coordinators, etc.

  1. The "Owner" role is automatically assigned to whoever initially sets up the account. This role has full access to everything within the account. There can only be one owner on an account, but this role can be easily transferred to another team member.

  2. The "Super Admin" role has all the same permissions as the "Owner" role; this means they can invite core team members & clients, assign projects, and can access the plan and billing section of the account.

  3. The "Associate" role includes all the same permissions as the "Owner" and "Super Admin" roles, except they are not able to add team members or update account information or settings.

  4. The "Limited Associate" role was designed to help prevent a team member from taking destructive actions within a project. For example, a user assigned this role will not have the ability to update, add, or delete pricing. They also cannot communicate or share information with Clients. However, they do have the ability to update spec. information, enter status dates and communicate with core team members.

  5. The "Client" role is minimal, and what they can see and do depends on the settings you, as the designer, set within a project.

To see a matrix of the Roles and Permissions, check out this link.

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